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Phone: 970-848-3867


Funding for Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral is also received from  the Lincoln and Yuma County Department’s of Human Services.




The Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource Referral serves the below 9 counties in Northeast and Eastern Colorado.  Primary funding to provide services is received from CDHS in the amount of $15,650

for 2016-2017

About UsText Box: CCR&Rs build the supply of child care…
In most communities, demand for child care far outstrips supply. The Northeast Colorado Child Care Resource and Referral (NCCCRR) provides an entry point to the child care field, helping providers meet licensing requirements. NCCCRR also supports providers by offering low-cost or free training in diverse topics like health & safety, child development, and sound business practices. NCCCRR works with local and state governments and the private sector to leverage resources for building and maintaining the supply of quality child care.

CCR&Rs improve the quality of child care…
No one has a greater impact on the quality of care than the people who work with children every day. That is why NCCCRR provides ongoing professional development opportunities to family child care providers and early childhood educators in preschool and centers.  By supporting Colorado Shines and tiered based payment for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program and the Professional Development Information System and the Early Childhood Credential System, NCCCRR improves the quality of care for all children.

CCR&Rs bridge child care and education…
High-quality child care has many benefits, including preparing children for school. NCCCRR strives to create child care settings that help children grow and learn.  Educating parents about the Colorado Early Learning Development Guidelines and the components of quality care is also a major part of NCCCRR services. NCCCRR is dedicated to informing their rural communities about the important links between early learning and later success in school.

CCR&Rs document child care needs and trends…
What makes NCCCRR unique is its ability to gather information to better understand family needs. NCCCRR is the major source of information about the local supply and cost of child care. NCCCRR is able to track trends about the changing needs of families.

CCR&Rs engage new partners…
High-quality child care does more than benefit children; it can create positive results for entire families and for communities as a whole. By reaching out to business leaders, law enforcement, school teachers, and others, NCCCRR helps make child care an issue the entire community cares about. NCCCRR collaborates with other family support services to promote a holistic vision of child care that includes health, mental health, early literacy, and special needs.

CCR&Rs tell the child care story…
By providing resources, documenting community needs, and creating new ways to meet those needs, NCCCRR brings the voices of children, families, and child care providers to the public.
Northeast Colorado Child Care 
Resource and Referral
2016-2017 Funding